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About Healthy Sleep

One of the most important factors in the healthy development of babies is undoubtedly quality and comfortable sleep. However, as parents know very well; Babies wake up frequently, especially at night, and this negatively affects the sleep quality of both them and their parents.

Frequent waking up may have different causes. For example;

"I'm hungry"

The main reason for frequent waking, especially in young babies, may be hunger. This can cause short naps and frequent feeding cycles.

"I can't sleep like this"

Babies may have trouble falling asleep independently when they are used to falling asleep only under certain conditions (for example, by being rocked or fed).

“You should pay attention to my activities”

Babies may wake up frequently if they are overstimulated before bed or if they do not get enough activity during the day.

Sleep problems negatively affect the mental and physical development of babies and are also one of the main concerns of parents. Getting enough sleep for babies, and therefore parents, reduces stress and anxiety levels. This is an important factor that greatly affects the parenting experience.